This course is composed of short informative videos about various places and different services available to pilgrims at Makkah & Madinah. At present, we are on our third series.


  • 1
    Series 1: Makkah
    • Who's up for some Kabah trivia?
    • Different parts of the Kabah
    • Water Outlet of the Kabah
    • White floor around the Kabah (mataf)
    • Minarets of the mosque
    • Doors of the mosque
    • Wheelchairs and electric scooters inside the mosque
    • Where the Adhan is made
    • Courtyard outside the mosque
    • Educational services at the Two Mosques
    • Zamzam at the Two Mosques
    • The Quran Gateway
  • 2
    Series 2: Madinah
    • Names of the Madinah
    • Library of the Prophet's Mosque
    • Garden from paradise (rawdah)
    • Dhul Hulayfah: The Miqat of Madinah
    • Pillars and niches in the mosque
    • Umbrellas & Domes
    • Domes of the Prophet's Mosque
    • Umbrellas of the Prophet's Mosque
  • 3
    Series 3: Snapchat Stories
    • Literature in Al-Masjid Al-Haram
    • Carpet Cleaning Process
    • Zamzam Water
    • Entrances of the Grand Mosque in Makkah