Short Q&A videos preparing pilgrims to grow through the Hajj experience. Underlying themes in this course centre on empowerment, mindsets and relationships. Gems and symbolisms of Hajj are coupled with action items that pilgrims can take home with them after Hajj. 


  • 1
    Question 1
    • What’s special about Hajj?
  • 2
    Question 2
    • Is there a deeper purpose to ziyarah (sight seeing) than merely tourism and trivia?
  • 3
    Question 3
    • Why are many of the rituals of Hajj repeated seven times?
  • 4
    Question 4
    • How best should we bond with Allah in tawaf? What one action should we take back home with us from tawaf?
  • 5
    Question 5
    • What is the connection between the sa'i (walk between two mountains) and our wealth/provision?
  • 6
    Question 6
    • What is the one mindset all pilgrims must possess from the Farewell Sermon?
  • 7
    Question 7
    • What do some of the rituals and places in Hajj symbolise?
  • 8
    Question 8
    • What one action should we take back from Mina?
  • 9
    Question 9
    • What one action should we take back from Arafah?
  • 10
    Question 10
    • What one action should we take back from Muzdalifah?
  • 11
    Question 11
    • Why do we go to Madinah after Makkah?
  • 12
    Question 12
    • What should the one goal of every pilgrim be in Hajj?

Course Instructor

  • Shaykh  Abu Ubaid

    Shaykh Abu Ubaid

    Shaykh Abu Ubaid spent more than a decade studying abroad in Bangladesh, Egypt and Mauritania under several leaders and scholars. The Shaykh is the Founder and Dean of Studies at the Institute, Dar Al-Arqam in London UK, where he is also the lead instructor for many of its courses. He is also a Khateeb, board member and consultant to a number of organisations and businesses.